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Whenever and wherever a problem arises, SFY is ready to provide a solution for you. Our team is qualified to support and secure your business 24/7.  


We serve a wide range of businesses including those in the mining, manufacturing, retail, government and non-profit sectors.


Our solutions encompass complete IT management including  set-up, maintenance, monitoring and management of end-user workstations, servers, networks, cybersecurity and cloud services. 

Our team ensures your devices, local networks and cloud systems are always safe and protected by optimizing your cybersecurity with the implementation of Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing, as well as dark web monitoring and regular security testing.

When you need all bases covered at all times, our IT team is your IT team. We work to ensure your experience with technology is as streamline as possible, while keeping an eye out for future tech opportunities your business will benefit from.

Want to know what type of technology can help your business run more efficiently? Our team of experts will happily walk you through options that will best suit your current business needs and provide you with insight into progressive solutions to match future business growth or expansion.

An external vulnerability scan seeks out potential gaps in your network, pinpointing typical attack paths often identified by automated internet scanners. Get in touch with us for a complimentary external scan to assess your external security stance.

Our technology experts work with any in-house tech team to bring the best solutions for your business. Our team can ensure you have a well-established and backed up network, that is easily accessible to those who need access, while keeping your business safe by protecting your data against hackers, malware and ransomware.

Based on your needs, our team will find the best cloud-service solution for you. We will handle the set-up, management and maintenance to ensure your data is secure and readily accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

SFY considers the intricacies of your business needs when planning your unique technical infrastructure. Our solutions consider your on-site needs, Cloud-based system solutions, or a hybrid approach based on your requirements.

Network penetration testing is essential for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities within your environment.
Maintaining regulatory compliance, proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and protecting an organization's reputation, while providing insights into the effectiveness of current security measures.

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