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Technology Consulting

Empower Your Business with SFY Technology Consulting

At SFY, we support your business in developing a comprehensive security plan that aligns with your objectives, boosts efficiency, mitigates cyber risks, and enhances security to protect your data.

Information Technology Strategy & Planning

Business Critical Needs

We identify pain points in your IT strategy that impact essential organizational operations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our team conducts an evaluation of your servers and hardware to ensure fault-tolerance and resilience against potential failures.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our experts create an in-depth disaster recovery plan, which is essential for safeguarding critical systems and data. Our strategies ensure secure offsite backups and prompt recovery in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Our Cloud Migration Consulting services facilitate the transition of your business's IT infrastructure to the cloud. We assess your existing infrastructure, devise a migration strategy, and upon approval, execute the move to the cloud. Advantages of cloud migration encompass scalability, security, and availability.

IT Security Consulting

SFY's IT Security specialists collaborate with you to evaluate your business's network security. Our approach includes strategic planning, execution, and ongoing monitoring, with the ultimate goal of strengthening your overall security stance and offering assurance that your business data remains protected.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Our Network Infrastructure Engineers support your organization in optimizing your network for enhanced reliability and security. Our method includes initial assessment, planning, implementation, and ongoing monitoring to ensure your network stays at its best.


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