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External Vulnerability Scan

Assess your security from the outside

Open digital doors?

The use of end-of-life software, legacy protocols, or misconfiguration security measures can lead to breaches in your network's defenses.


Does Your Business Need a Vulnerability Scan?    

Vulnerability scans search for open ports, outdated internet-facing servers, misconfigured security, and other potential weak spots visible from the outside. An external vulnerability scan is not as comprehensive as an internal penetration test, but it's a great starting point to assess your attack surface from an outside-in perspective.

EOL Software

EOL or outdated internet facing software is often full of security vulnerabilities giving attackers an in to your systems


Identify Expired, wildcard certificates or self-signed certs that could lead to increased risk


SPF and DMARC validation to help protect against spoofing and reduce the risk of sent emails being flagged as spam

Insecure Protocols

Scanning for use of older outdated protocols such as FTP, IMP, POP3, HTTP

We believe in securing the internet and are offering a 100% Free external scan to assess your external attack surface

Stay Proactive and sign up for your free external vulnerability scan for your business

Looking to be more thorough?
Fully assess your security defenses with an Internal Network Security Assessment.

Penetration testing simulates a hacker’s actions to test your defenses by looking for sensitive data, performing exploits, conducting man-in-the-middle attacks, cracking password hashes, escalating privileges and even impersonating users to find sensitive data.   

Pen Tests go beyond just identifying vulnerability by actually exploiting them to demonstrate what could happen if a hacker exploited your network.

Post reporting gives you full details on the discovered exploits so they can be remediated to keep your network safe.


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