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IT Asset Management

Understanding IT Assets

IT assets encompass a variety of devices, software platforms, and cloud resources that make up a company's network infrastructure. These are the technology a company relies on to carry out its operations.

The Asset Management Process:

Asset Discovery

Automated Agent Deployment

Asset Management & Inventory

Automated Network Scan Setup

Using Network Probe Technology, our tools scan the network to identify all devices currently active within your network. This will give you a health status overview of your devices and whether they are in good condition, require attention, or have an unknown status.

Leveraging Network Probe Technology for Asset Discovery our solutions can also implement automated agent deployment to your supported endpoints.

We provide visibility into all reportable IT assets on your network by both agent-based and agentless asset inventory capabilities.

Once the first scan and inventory is complete, we implement automatic network scans, keeping asset inventory up to date. 


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